Steven N. Wray Photography


There are very few things better than child’s laughter, an ear to ear smile, standing on a mountain top and breathing the air of a million trees, the crisp spray of a mountain stream, a shooting star blazing a streak across the diagonal of a Milky Way night, and a real hug.
Take the time to watch your children ---really watch your children. Plant a flower - run your fingers through the soil, wiggle your toes in the mud. Lay face up on the lawn – close your eyes- listen to your breath.
We are surrounded by beauty and awe. We have forgotten how to notice, how to enjoy, how to see what is there before us every day. I was born and raised in Montana – a land of wide margins, an unrestricted space where your mind and body can move, expanding from sun baked stones across a mirror of water to jeweled crowns stretching to the stars.
My passion as a photographer is to bring forth that which is often masked by our daily grind. To remove the obstacles that interfere with our ability to feel the emotion. To share with you a world through my eyes.
Not to create that which is not there – but to remove the margins that confine our imaginations.
I hope we have the opportunity to share together – more importantly – I hope that my images stir your emotions.
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